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Customer Feedback
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What previous participants have said:

"Very effective because of his level of personal experience." (Presentation Skills) Andrew M. Nairn. Chemical Engineer

"Excellent - shows depth of knowledge from both personal experience and depth of research"
(Intercultural (U.K-Japan) Customer Focus) Andrew Gray. Assistant European Commercial Manager
"My thanks to Alan, he kept the course flowing in a relaxed and enjoyable way" (Mentoring & Coaching Skills) Don Cribb. Principle Design Engineer

"Alan Cornes was exceptional in his delivery of the course material and made the course very enjoyable"
(Destination USA. Expat Preparation) Warren Price. Deputy Team Manager. Research and Technology

"Excellent - his experience in overcoming the fear of presenting was invaluable. Very enthusiastic."
(Presentation Skills) Adrian Russell. Mechanical Design Engineer 

"Very good, related situations to personal experience making them more believable.  Good mixture of visual aids"
(Presentation Skills) Phil Haigh. Mechanical Engineer