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Customer Feedback
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What previous participants have said

"This is the best course I have attended and I have gained lots of techniques to help!  Thanks Alan, hopefully I will be able to combat my nerves" (Presentation Skills) Mark J Craighill. Shift Team Leader

 "Alan was easy to identify with and was excellent in achieving the course objectives." (Personal  Development Planning) Ray Ellis. Systems Engineering

 "The right man for the job! I felt he had a real empathy with our existing nervousness / shortfalls" (Presentation Skills) Mark E. Evans. Mechanical Engineer

"Very good. Demonstrated depth of knowledge" (Interviewer Training) Brian Edwards. Project Manager

"The tutor made me feel at ease and when in future I am in an interview situation I will feel more confident and relaxed." (Interviewee preparation) Colin Gee. Mechanical Engineer

"I like the way you draw on the expertise already present in the room when you run your courses. Very effective Alan (as always) good pace, worked examples. Thanks" (Intercultural (U.K. - Germany) Customer Focus) Richard Warren. Customer Liaison Manager

"Alan opened my mind and enabled me to identify my own answers to the right questions at a time of considerable personal change" (Personal Development Planning) Ashley Finch. Project Manager. Commercial