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An Ebook by Alan Cornes

                Moral Me? Making good decisions in an intercultural world

              (Empathy, prejudice and practical ethics in an age of neuroscience)

 What are the origins of our moral sense, and what do neuroscience and moral philosophy tellus about them? What role might prejudice and empathy have had in humanevolution, and how does this knowledge help us make practical decisions in oureveryday lives?
In this new book by Alan Cornes, the author takes us on a journey that startsout from an intercultural perspective and leads to an improved understanding ofhow we navigate the moral maze in a world of widely different cultural norms.It provides practical methods of how we can make good decisions in tune withour own values, whilst being respectful of others’.
This book will help readers faced with a moral dilemma, those unsure of how tobehave in foreign lands and a general audience looking to explore their own moral sense.

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                                   Published by Not so Noble Books